Ventura | Wound Care
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Wound Care

The BRH technology was developed to facilitate the healing of deep wounds by engaging and stimulating the wounded region from below the wound bed using a combined ultrasound and electrostimulation modality. This effect is designed to encourage increased blood circulation to the wound to enable the body to heal the wound more easily. The BRH-A2 is a non-invasive, portable device that has been intended to heal chronic ulcers, reduce lesion size and wound pain, and accelerate tissue regrowth.The advanced BRH-A2 includes proprietary software for patient record storage and highly accurate wound measurement, assuring that all record-keeping is accurate and compliant with documentation requirements.


  • Non Invasive
  • Works with all other treatment modalities
  • Portable
  • Simple to Use


Power Supply 115/230VAC, 50-60 Hz
Current consumption 460VA
Frequency 1 MHz – 3 MHz
Effective ultrasonic output 0.1 – 2 Watt / cm2
Permitted temperature 10ºC to +45ºC
Permited humidity (rel.) 5% – 95%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 56 cm x 42 cm x 31 Cm
Weight 10 kg