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Identify the pioneering technology products that addresses the challenges in Indian Market


Partner with Industry leading companies to understand their products and solutions


Bring state-of-the-art products and solutions to India at an affordable rate


Work with dealers across the country and create a strong supply chain


To provide access to world-class technology products at affordable rates to Indian consumers.


To bring the state-of-the-art technological products to Indian Market and make lives more secure, Safe and Enjoyable.



K Satya

A very competent electrical engineer, initially and a highly resourceful business leader later, Satya is a blend of two major traits – action-orientation and people-skills and over three decades of industry experience bears testimony to that. As Managing Director at i2i Global group, he is spearheading the business development operations by bringing niche products and solutions to Indian market as well as driving business strategies & joint ventures with i2i Global group. Prior to taking up complete ownership of his role at i2i, he served as Country Manager, South Asia of a British Wireless company. He is adept in Regulatory management and Fund raising from domestic and international investors. Being a globetrotter that he has been, Satya has dealt with national and international business practices and markets across US, Europe and South-East Asia. He has participated in various seminars, exhibitions and corporate awards to his credit.

Satya has established several start-ups with his innate ability to create motivated, skillful and committed workforce. His go-getter attitude and ability to make-a-difference to people and businesses has won him sustained relationships with major Government and corporate customers all over India. His expertise lies in in-depth understanding of technologies, market dynamics and customer behavior.