Ventura | NaviAid AB
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NaviAid AB

The NaviAid™ AB (Advancing Balloon) device enables you to carry out fast and easy ileoscopy and upper enteroscopy procedures with your standard endoscope. Used on demand, no pre-mounting or preparation prior to the procedure is necessary. The device is introduced through the tool channel of the endoscope, on the physician’s decision, and advanced ahead of the endoscope. Once inflated in its position preceding the endoscope and anchored in the bowel, the device becomes a “rail” on which the endoscope can be advanced, enabling rapid, safe intubation in the small bowel.


  • Deep ileoscopy / Upper enteroscopy
  • Fast and safe advancement in the small bowel
  • Introduced upon need, through the endoscope’s instrument channel
  • Enables Controlled Withdrawal™ of the endoscope
  • Working with your standard endoscope
  • Maintains endoscope’s biopsy and therapy capabilities
  • Intuitive, easy to operate


Catheter Length 3,500mm
Balloon Diameter 40mm
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure 60mbar
Set Pressure Tolerance ±10mbar
Power Supply 100V – 240VAC; 50-60H