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The G-EYE™ Endoscope comprises a standard endoscope, having a permanently integrated, reusable balloon at its bending section. This novel balloon-endoscope enables increased diagnostic yield during colonoscopy, endoscope stabilization during therapy, and extended operation range in the colon, small bowel and entire GI tract. Employing a unique Controlled Withdrawal™ technique with the balloon partially inflated, the G-EYE™ endoscope provides austral folds straightening and enhanced detection capabilities.


  • Permanently integrated, reusable balloon
  • No over-tube, no preparations prior to the procedure
  • Both colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy
  • Intuitive, easy to operate, short learning curve
  • Supports additional NaviAid™ devices


Avilable endoscopes Various brands and models
Balloon Diameter Up to 60mm
Inflated Balloon Set Pressure 70mbar
Controlled 3 intermediate
Withdrawal™ pressure pressure levels
SPARK2C Power Supply 100V – 240VAC; 50-60Hz